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  • Law Offices of Marc Neff
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Philadelphia Criminal Attorney

Experienced, Aggressive, Respected Representation – Protecting your rights and your freedom for more than 25 years

An arrest or indictment can be the most frightening experience of your life. The decisions that you make may affect your freedom, your family, and your financial well-being. An experienced Philadelphia criminal attorney can properly protect your rights, advise and assist you during this difficult time.

For more than twenty-five years, the Philadelphia Criminal Attorney Marc Neff has been defending the rights of individuals and corporations facing serious criminal charges. Throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Mr. Neff has successfully defended clients charged with white collar crimes such as mail fraud and bank fraud, RICO, drug distribution, money laundering, and other serious offenses.

Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you are choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Philadelphia, you must consider the attorney’s reputation. Marc Neff has developed a reputation for the successful defense of serious criminal cases throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and throughout the country by combining an unmatched record with dedication to his clients and attention to detail when hired as a Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Preparation, strategy, and communication are the hallmarks of the criminal defense in every case. By limiting the number of matters that the office accepts, each case is given the individual attention that is needed to bring it to a successful conclusion.

Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers

The Government has virtually unlimited resources and manpower to investigate and prosecute crimes. To level the playing field, Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers at the Law Offices of Marc Neff maintain their own network of investigators and experts using only the most experienced and highly respected professionals.

As a seasoned criminal defense lawyer with more than twenty-five years of trial experience, Marc Neff has often taught other Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers many different aspects of criminal trial practice including cutting edge tactics and litigation strategy.

Mr. Neff has served by appointment on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Criminal Procedural Rules Committee.

He is often called by leading newspapers and other media outlets for an expert opinion on high profile cases in Philadelphia and throughout the United States. A frequent guest on local and national radio and television programs, Mr. Neff is accustomed to handling high-profile clients.

Marc Neff became Of Counsel to Zarwin Baum in 2012, bringing his extensive criminal defense experience, including numerous jury and non-jury trials before a wide variety of State and Federal Judges throughout Pennsylvania and in New Jersey, to this prestigious firm.