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Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic Violence is defined as any abusive relationship that results in emotional abuse, physical violence, sexual assault, stalking, assault, and/or threatened violence. Charges of domestic violence generally arise through relationships such as spousal, ex-spousal, parent-child, partners, and co-habitants. Domestic violence charges can be classified either as a misdemeanor or a felony, and are punishable by jail/prison time, Emergency Protective Orders, and Temporary Restraining Orders, and other possible penalties.

A charge involving domestic violence will have a major impact on your life and your relationships with those around you. You are entitled to have an attorney fight for you; to help get your life back. The Law Offices of Marc Neff has over 25 years of experience representing clients facing all types of criminal charges, including domestic violence. To learn more about our firm, and for a confidential consultation, contact Marc Neff by calling (215) 563-9800, submitting the form below, or by emailing Contact our office immediately, so that we may begin assisting in your defense.