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Experienced and Aggressive Legal Defense of Fraud Charges

Defending the rights of individuals and corporations accused of tax fraud, insurance fraud, identity theft, and more

The Philadelphia-based law offices of Marc Neff has spent more than 25 years providing aggressive, effective representation to individuals and corporations accused of fraud crimes. Protecting your rights throughout an investigation, and seeing you successfully through legal proceedings following an indictment, begins with solid investigation, a team approach, and clear communication. Whether charges focus on an individual or a corporate entity, experienced criminal defense attorney Marc Neff strategically combats fraud charges ranging from tax fraud, mail fraud, and credit fraud to health insurance fraud and identity theft. His record is unmatched throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The right defense for every fraud charge

Fraud charges of any magnitude must be handled properly. Swift response and early intervention, in some cases before charges are even filed, are key elements in a successful defense. The Law Offices of Marc Neff draws upon more than two decades of experience to achieve the best possible outcomes in cases involving:

Tax fraud, which occurs when an individual or business entity knowingly falsifies information on a tax return in order to limit the amount of tax liability. Fraud accusations can arise from questionable deductions, expense claims, or income reporting.

Mail fraud, defined as an act of deception that specifically uses the United States Postal Service to obtain economic advantage. A solicitation that originates by phone or on the internet also becomes subject to mail fraud charges if it involves the use of U.S. mail at any point.

Credit fraud arises from the use of any payment card, including credit cards and debit accounts, as a source of funds in a transaction without consent of the account holder. An act of credit fraud is also a form of identity theft and carries severe penalties upon conviction.

Identify theft is the acquisition and use of financial or personal information for the sole purpose of assuming the owner’s identity for financial gain. As a fraud crime that can result in misdemeanor or felony charges, identity theft accusations require careful, meticulous defense.

The Law Offices of Marc Neff limits its practice to federal and state criminal defense matters. Attorney Marc Neff has handled a wide variety of fraud cases, representing corporate and business executives, professionals, public officials, and individuals. Mr. Neff manages his cases personally, and is supported by a team of highly trained assistants and para professionals.

With offices based in Philadelphia, Mr. Neff represents individuals and corporations facing serious criminal charges throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, across the United States and, in cases that require it, internationally.

Contact our firm if you are accused of a fraud crime

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Marc Neff have successfully represented defendants in fraud cases for more than 25 years. Our office maintains relationships with a network of attorneys nationally and internationally to assist our clients. We believe that time is of the essence in confronting fraud accusations. To request a confidential consultation, please contact Mr. Neff by phone at (215) 563-9800 or email