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Grand Jury Investigations

A grand jury is nothing more than a group of citizens that has been called to hear evidence and determine whether or not a person should be charged with a crime. As a tool of the prosecutor, a grand jury can be used to initiate criminal proceedings or to investigate possible violations of criminal law. Often the person who is the target of the investigation will not know of the grand jury’s existence because it generally meets in secret. If you suspect that you are the target of a grand jury investigation, you should immediately contact experienced criminal trial counsel.

Frequently, persons and corporations that are targets of grand jury investigations will receive subpoenas for documents, handwriting exemplars, fingerprints, and for other items of evidence. If you have received such a subpoena, you should immediately contact an attorney experienced in these matters.

Even if you are subpoenaed as a witness before a grand jury, you are entitled to — and should — retain counsel to protect your rights before the grand jury.

Marc Neff is an experienced criminal defense attorney. He has represented witnesses, subjects and targets of both state and federal grand jury prosecutions. With more than twenty years of criminal trial experience, Mr. Neff provides comprehensive representation whether a person is called as a witness or is the target of a grand jury investigation.

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