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Health Care Fraud

Doctors, dentists, chiropractors and other health care professionals are sitting targets for the zealous prosecutor. With over twenty years of experience representing medical professionals, the Law Offices of Marc Neff has developed a reputation for zealous and effective representation while maintaining the strictest confidentiality.

The ever changing laws, both state and federal, create traps for the unwary medical professional. Individuals and organizations must be vigilant in their attention to constantly changing statutes and requirements.

Many of the medical professionals represented by this office have been charged with fraud related offenses such as Insurance fraud, Tax fraud, Billing fraud and Medicare/Medicaid fraud. Not only does the medical professional risk loss of his/her professional license, incarceration is a possibility upon conviction for a fraud offense. Additionally, medical professionals often find themselves in need of an experienced criminal defense attorney in drug related cases involving prescriptions, dispensing of drugs or record keeping violations. Here, even minor violators can result in professional sanctions. For a confidential consultation, please contact Mr. Neff via the form below, by phone at (215) 563-9800 or email