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Internet Crime Attorney

Over the past twenty years, the Internet has changed our way of life. In every facet of our dealings, from communications to business and commerce, we rely upon the Internet. As the Internet has grown, so has the body of laws that regulate its use. In the context of criminal law, both state and federal laws seek to regulate this ever-changing environment. This body of law changes as quickly as the technology that it seeks to regulate.

Marc Neff, a criminal defense attorney based in Philadelphia, is on the cutting edge of this constantly changing area of the law. Mr. Neff regularly represents individuals and corporations, both locally and nationally, in communication with investigators and to defend criminal charges involving Internet crimes such as:

At the Law Offices of Marc Neff, we encourage a team approach utilizing the foremost experts in computer forensics. Often, these cases can have national and international implications. Our office maintains relationships with a network of attorneys nationally and internationally to assist our clients. For a confidential consultation, please contact Mr. Neff via the form below, by phone at (215) 563-9800 or email