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Defending clients charged with federal wire fraud and mail fraud offenses

When facing federal white collar criminal charges, including mail fraud and wire fraud, it is essential that you choose an attorney who knows precisely how to confront the government’s case. Marc Neff is a Philadelphia-based criminal defense attorney whose experience and reputation were built over the past 25 years. He is considered among the top tier of criminal defense lawyers in United States in fraud cases.

Mail fraud charges often arise when prosecutors lack the evidence to take other charges all the way to trial. They can also be used as add-ons to other charges in order to increase potential sentences for the accused. The Law Offices of Marc Neff have represented corporate and business executives, professionals, public officials, and others who have been charged with mail and wire fraud, as well as those accused of aiding and abetting these crimes.

What is mail fraud?

Mail fraud is an act of deception that specifically uses the United States Postal Service, or private carriers, to defraud someone of money or property. A solicitation that originates by phone, or on the Internet, also becomes subject to mail fraud charges if it involves the use of U.S. mail at any point.

Some of the fraudulent schemes that make headlines are those involving Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes, but there are many others that lead to criminal investigation. These include prize offers, foreign lotteries, travel scams, bogus credit card offers, and offers for credit repair.

With offices based in Philadelphia, Attorney Marc Neff defends individuals and corporations facing mail fraud, wire fraud, and other serious criminal charges throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, across the United States and, in cases that require it, internationally.

How mail fraud and wire fraud charges are pursued

Wire and mail fraud can be brought as stand-alone charges but are often added to indictments charging tax fraud, bank fraud, healthcare fraud, securities fraud, bank and mortgage fraud, and the broadly defined, honest services fraud.

These charges are frequently pursued by federal prosecutors because of the low threshold of evidence needed to obtain indictment and conviction. The penalty can be severe. The maximum imprisonment upon conviction of mail or wire fraud charges is 20 years, along with a substantial fine.

Marc Neff’s experience and record of success in white collar matters like these are decisive factors in your favor if you face a mail fraud accusation. He knows how to effectively challenge prosecutors’ evidence, disrupting their efforts to establish deception and specific intent to defraud another.

If you are at risk of mail or wire fraud charges, you need to speak to a lawyer who is skilled in federal criminal defense. The Law Offices of Marc Neff limits its practice to federal and state criminal defense matters. As in other complex matters, Mr. Neff uses a team approach to the defense of fraud cases. Investigators and experts in accounting, finance, and other specialized areas are available as support staff in all cases.

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