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Sexual Abuse Cases

There are no charges more devastating to an individual or family than charges of sexual abuse. Charges of sexual abuse and other sexually related crimes not only impact individuals but also families and other loved ones. The Law Offices of Marc Neff has extensive experience in dealing with these cases.

In cases where juveniles are involved, almost every state has implemented a form of Megan’s Law which imposes, upon conviction, burdens such as registration, community notification, and counseling which in certain circumstances can be life long obligations.

In the past twenty years, Mr. Neff has handled hundreds of sexual abuse cases. As criminal counsel to the Pennsylvania State Education Association, Mr. Neff has had the opportunity to represent many teachers and their family members who were charged with sexual abuse. His skill in cross-examining juvenile witnesses has been made known to his peers through lectures to the Pennsylvania State Education Association, the New Jersey Education Association and the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Mr. Neff is on the cutting edge of all of the current legal issues regarding testimony by juvenile victims. Recently, Mr. Neff was called upon to lecture a statewide group of several hundred criminal defense lawyers on the implications of Crawford v. Washington as it applies to the cross-examination of juvenile sex offense victims.

Sex offenses in the adult courts can range from “date rape” to cases involving the downloading and dissemination of child pornography. Again, Mr. Neff remains on the cutting edge of the law and the interaction with the sciences. In several cases, he has been able to demonstrate at trial, through the use of a forensic toxicologist, forensic pathologist and other scientific experts, that the government’s case was flawed — resulting in acquittals for his clients.

His attention to detail and the ability to assemble the area’s leading experts in a cohesive working team relationship coupled with intensive preparation are the keys to success in these cases.

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