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Philadelphia-based criminal defense attorney Marc Neff represents professionals, corporate and business executives, public officials, and others facing serious tax fraud charges. The complex nature of federal tax law charges requires an experienced defense, as the consequences a tax fraud conviction may carry heavy fines and possible prison sentence.

For more than 25 years, the Law Offices of Marc Neff has provided outstanding representation to individuals and corporations throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In every case, Mr. Neff handles matters personally, directly, and professionally. It is essential in any criminal case, particularly one involving tax fraud charges, to consult a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.

Negligence versus tax fraud

Tax fraud is a willful act done with the intent to defraud the Internal Revenue Service. It is considered a white collar crime, an act carried out by means of deception rather than violence or force of threat. Tax law is complex, and the line between fraud and negligence may not always be clear.

Underreporting income is one of the most common acts leading to a tax fraud investigation. Human errors and omissions of many kinds can lead auditors to look for fraud, and those errors may be acts of negligence rather than criminal intent. Attorney Marc Neff, with the support of a highly trained team of assistants and para professionals, investigates every aspect of such charges to skillfully prepare and present a successful defense. Complex cases involving tax fraud charges require a close appraisal of the facts and immediate legal response. The Law Offices of Marc Neff provide both while keeping you thoroughly apprised of all aspects of your matter.

Different types of tax-related crimes

Various types of tax-related crimes can fall under the category of tax fraud. These may include:

  • Tax evasion or avoidance,
  • Failing to file a tax return,
  • Filing a false tax return,
  • Attempting to defeat a tax, and
  • Willful failure to keep records.

Tax crimes can be prosecuted on both state and federal levels.

As state laws are constantly changing, it is essential that a tax fraud attorney stay abreast of updated statutes. In Pennsylvania, for example, there is no statute of limitations for tax evasion. Charges can be pursued at any time, regardless of how long ago alleged instances of tax evasion took place. Statutes of limitation differ by state and at the federal level.

When you are choosing a criminal defense lawyer, you must consider the attorney’s reputation. Marc Neff has developed a reputation for the successful defense of serious criminal cases such as tax fraud in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and throughout the country, by combining an unmatched record with dedication to his clients and attention to detail.

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