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Top 10 Famous Criminal Defense Attorneys

We all love to watch our favorite celebs fail. As they fall, others rise – their lawyers.

  1. Johnnie Cochran
    • Johnnie is best known for representing O.J. Simpson (“if it does not fit, you must acquit”) as well as P. Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Rosa Parks, Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur. He is also known for his civil rights cases, as well as cases against police brutality.
  2. Mark Geragos
    • He represented Scott Peterson in the murder trial of his wife and baby. Geragos is known as the “celebrity lawyer” for having represented people like Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, and Winona Ryder. He also represented Susan McDougal in the trial surrounding the Whitewater controversy.
  3. Leslie Abramson
    • Leslie is best known for representing Lyle and Erik Melendez, twins charged for murdering their parents. She stirred controversy when it was discovered she asked the psychiatrist to delete and rewrite notes from his sessions with the twins She is known for representing wealthy, high profile clients, like Phil Spector in the murder trial of actress Lana Clarkson.
  4. Anne Bremner 
    • Bremner is best known for representing Amanda Knox, charged for killing a British student in Italy in 2007. She is also known for representing several celebrity clients, including  Michael Jackson during his child molestation charge and illusionist David Copperfield.
  5. Francis Lee Bailey
    • Bailey represented Sam Sheppard in the trial revolving around the murder of his wife. He is also known for working with “the dream team” on the O.J. Simpson trial, as well as defending U.S. Army Captain Ernest Medina and “Boston Strangler” Albert DeSalvo.
  6. Robert Shapiro
    • Another member of “the dream team,” Shapiro’s resume boasts clients like O.J. Simpson, baseball player Jose Canseco, adult film star Linda Lovelace, and the infamous Kardashians. He is also a co-founder of LegalZoom, an online legal documentation service.
  7. Alan Dershowitz
    • Dershowitz played a role in defending O.J. Simpson, and was also involved in defending Mike Tyson, Michael Milken, and Kirtanananda Swami. It is rumoured that he also worked with Nelson Mandela. Dershowitz is known for winning 13 of the 15 murder cases he has been involved with.
  8. Gloria Allred
    • She represented Amber Frey, a witness in the trial against Scott Peterson, as well as Tiger Woods in the cases surrounding his infidelities. Her claim to fame occurred in the late 70s after representing a woman who sued an all male club for denying her entry.
  9. Allen Grubman
    • Grubman has defended a number of celebrities, including Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Lopez. He is widely known for the controversy surrounding his publicist daughter, Lizzie Grubman, who did some time in jail for hitting 16 people with her car outside a Hampton nightclub.
  10. Howard K. Stern
    • Stern is most widely known for representing Anna Nicole Smith. After working with her through his talent agency, Hot Smoochie Lips, Inc., Stern and Smith began dating and eventually married. After Smith’s death, Stern lied about being the father of her baby, and was later arrested for providing Smith with controlled substances during their time working together.