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The Law Offices of Marc Neff limits its practice to federal and state criminal defense and related matters, including grand jury investigations, parole matters, and forfeiture cases. Mr. Neff defends individuals and corporations in state and federal courts, at the trial and appellate levels. He has handled a wide variety of criminal cases including white collar crimes, drug distribution, money laundering, RICO, bank fraud, mail fraud, insurance fraud, criminal tax offenses, environmental crimes and serious crimes of violence such as murder and aggravated assault. Mr. Neff’s experience also includes asset forfeiture, sentencing guideline and post conviction matters.

Mr. Neff handles each trial matter personally. He is supported by the highest caliber of assistants and para professionals including law clerks, research assistants, paralegals, and investigators. He also maintains a network of expert witnesses who are utilized on a case-by-case basis. These experts include drug experts, accident reconstructionists, DNA experts, forensic toxicologists, forensic pathologists, forensic accountants and others.

Although based in Philadelphia, Mr. Neff represents individuals and corporations facing serious criminal charges throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, across the United States and, in appropriate cases, internationally.

Mr. Neff has represented people from a variety of backgrounds, such as corporate executives, entertainment personalities, doctors, dentists, judges, lawyers, teachers, and public officials. Some of his cases have received extensive media exposure. Many of the cases that Mr. Neff handles, however, concern ordinary citizens whose cases never receive public attention and notoriety, but are no less important.

Each matter the firm accepts is approached in the same manner — preparation is the key to bringing a matter to a successful conclusion. Thorough investigation of the facts, legal research and formation of a comprehensive strategy produces results. It is the Firm’s policy to maintain an open line of communication, to keep the client informed at all times, and to always include the client in the decision-making process.